How the Client Problem Solving Competition helped refugees in Denver

By Miriam Boeri CPSC Coordinator

This year’s problem submitted by the Melissa Theesen, Managing Director of the ECDC African Community Center focused on the difficulty of finding affordable housing for refugees in Denver. The students participating in this year’s competition worked extremely hard all through the conference, interviewing conference attendees, visiting the ECDC Center, and researching the literature on housing issues. All the solutions presented showed a commendable applied use of their sociological imagination. Only a few can win the prize.

I would like to recognize the winners of the undergraduate student team prize. From Elizabethtown College, the students are Philip Ebersole, Caitlin Lockard, Irene Snyder and Katie Thompson. The faculty advisor is Dr. Michele Lee Kozimor-King.


The winner of the graduate students prize went to the students from University of the University of Northern Colorado: Jamie Krushensky, Adrianna Smell, Lauren McDonald and Mitchel Staut, with faculty advisor, Dr. Angie Henderson.


The winner of the Honorary Mention, which is the team chosen by the ECDC African Community Center representative, went to Virginia Wesleyan College, with undergraduate student participants William Jacob Virgili, Sierra Morgan Rothenberger, Allison Renee Heitsman and Joshua Gene Cherry. Their faculty co-Advisors are Drs. Kathy Stolley and Thomas Liverman.


Other participating student teams include the University of Tampa: Melissa Reeve, Summer Himmelberger and Ashley Jensen, with faculty advisor Dr. Lakshmi Jayaram. Students from Oklahoma State University include Marissa Moore, Catherine Monterrubio and Bashira Reed, with faculty advisor Dr. Dahlia Gonzalez Molloy. And Dr. Newman Wong was faculty advisor for Careisha Whyte, from Midwestern State University and Jessica Weimer from University of the University of Northern Colorado.

Thank you all for making the Client Problem Solving Competition a worthwhile event.