AACS Client Problem Solving Competition

(Formerly Judith Little Problem Solving Competition)

Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

The AACS Client Problem Solving Competition (CPSC)  provides students a meaningful way to exercise their sociological skills. It is a networking opportunity for participants and also provides students a professional experience they can include on their resumes. All students receive a certificate of participation.

The CPSC coordinator will solicit a problem from a local agency or organization that is suitable for a sociological solution. The competition begins with meeting the representative from the community agency during the first session of the annual conference-this is always on a Thursday. The rubric that judges will be using will be distributed to students at that time. Student teams will have the remainder of the conference to develop a solution. Students are encouraged to attend conference sessions that may help them develop their solutions. Students are also encouraged to interview conference attendees for information and suggestions. Online research is also encouraged but students should not purchase any additional materials to enhance their presentations. More detailed instructions will be sent to faculty who express interest in sponsoring a team.

Solutions are due on Saturday of the conference during the last session. Teams will present their solutions to an adjudicating body of judges who are AACS members and a representative of the agency providing the problem. The solution they present should be framed as a professional (oral) report to the client agency or organization with a printed one-page executive summary. No additional materials should be bought for presentation. The winning team and an honorable mention team will be announced at the completion of the adjudication process. Winning and honorary mention team members will be recognized on the AACS website. A plaque bearing the names of the winning team and faculty advisor will be sent to their respective college or university. Each team and all its members will receive a certificate of participation and a letter from the AACS president. The winning and honorable mention recognition will be included on the individual student certificates.

Teams will be made up of 2 to 4 students with a faculty sponsor. Undergraduate and graduate student teams may enter but not on the same team and will not compete against each other at the conference.

Interested faculty sponsors should contact Miriam Boeri, mboeri@bentley.edu to receive more detailed information for participating teams.

Thank you for your interest!