Sociology at Work

Official Newsletter of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

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Publishing quarterly, Sociology at Work aims to keep you connected with our organization and the sociological practice community at large. This is an exciting time for AACS as we work to reach out and publicly engage with current social issues while actively encouraging the professionalization of sociological practice in the U.S. Sociology at Work will keep you up to date on these efforts, bring you news from the field, offer tips and resources, and explore the everyday practice of sociology in the real world.

Sociology at Work publishes original essays, interviews, research and practice notes, teaching and mentoring notes, research reports, film reviews, book reviews and other items of interest related to the practice of applied, clinical and public sociology. In addition, we are also pleased to publish your announcements such as book releases, member news and accomplishments, calls for papers, and job opportunities.

Items for submission to Sociology at Work should be sent to the editor Jen Richardson All contributions must include the contributor’s telephone number, email address and professional affiliation, as well as the email addresses and professional affiliations of all persons mentioned in the copy. The editor reserves the right to publish or not to publish any submission and to edit any submission when necessary. All contributions reflect the views of the authors and are not necessarily shared by the Association or the institutions with which the authors are affiliated.

For more information, please contact:
Jen Richardson, Editor