2020 Conference Program

Welcome from the President

Welcome to the first virtual conference of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology!  This year’s theme, “Making Sociology Actionable: Translation, Implementation, and Intervention Design for Social Change,” highlights the importance that we in AACS place on utilizing sociological insights both within and beyond the ivory tower in order to enact beneficial social change. We believe that sociological methods, perspectives, and theories can and must be better disseminated and implemented in order to make a difference in the world around us. We are thrilled that this year’s conference, so ably prepared by AACS Vice President Alison Marganski and supported by AACS Webmaster Megan Floyd, showcases wonderful work being done in the field.  We had originally planned to host this conference in Atlanta, GA, in a more traditional, in-person format. But when COVID-19 necessitated a change in plans, we recognized the chance to get creative, and are pleased to now offer a virtual conference with multiple opportunities for participation, presentation, competition, networking, and fun.

One of the advantages to membership in AACS is that it facilitates entry into a community of social scientists who are using their skills in a wide range of applied professional contexts, including but not limited to research, in order to build a more robust professional connection across the academy/community divide. This is an exciting time for AACS, as we continue to grow and expand our offerings to meet member needs and interests. Besides access to the conference, benefits of membership include a series of webinars designed to support professional development at both the individual and institutional levels; informational resources offered in our e-newsletter, Sociology at Work; the opportunity to participate in our mentorship program as a mentor or mentee; the opportunity to apply for certification; and a subscription to the Journal of Applied Social Science, our official peer-reviewed journal.

Thank you for your interest in this year’s conference and in AACS. We look forward to continuing to grow our community in the years ahead, so we hope you will share our mission and the benefits of membership with students, alumni, practitioners, and others you may know who support the application of social science. Together we can change the world!

In community,

Karen Albright, PhD

President, Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

Conference Program Instructions

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Table of Contents

Day 1 Monday, October 5

12:00-12:59 pm ET: Introduction to AACS and the Board (Pre-recorded)

AACS Board Members“Welcome to the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology! Meet our Board, Learn About Our Mission.”
Featuring the Applied and Clinical Sociology Wall of Tips

1:00-1:59 pm ET: Health and Wellbeing (LIVE)

B.E.I. Johnson“Medical Equality for Throwaway Youth”
William Cabin“Medicare Home Care Ignores Patient Needs by Not Addressing Determinants of Health”
Michael Hirsch, Adeela Rehman“Continuum of Maternal Healthcare in Public Hospitals: A Sociological Investigation”
Per Magnus Mæhle“Implementation of a Cancer Reform: Introducing Cancer Patient Pathways in Scandinavian Health Care Systems”

2:00-2:59 pm ET: Drugs, Violence, and Justice Issues (Pre-Recorded)

Luke Knudsen“Narcotics Anonymous: An Ethnography of Stigma and Cohesion”
Lillian Platten“Education and Legalization: How The Legalization Of Marijuana May Effect Educational Attainment And Mass Incarceration”
Daniel Nolan“African American Women – Frequent Targets of Abuse”
Lilianna Deveneau“Child Sexual Abuse: The Hidden Health Pandemic”

3:00pm-3:59 pm ET: Housing Challenges and Solutions (LIVE)

Frank Ridzi“Toward A Sociology of Philanthropy: Wicked Problem Solving”
Mieko Yamada“What Makes a Successful Service Program?: Staff’s Input on Benefits and Challenges of a Service Program for Homeless Veterans”
Allison Reed“‘Enclaves of Poverty’ or ‘Homes that Last?’: Community Land Trusts, Investment-Based Market Movements, and the Preservation of Affordable Homeownership”
William Howard Burr“Trauma-Informed Housing First: Using Applied Sociology to Develop a Stable Housing Model to Reduce Recidivism in Cook County”

4:00-4:59 pm ET: Student Competition (LIVE)

CPCS Presentation“Client Problem Solving Competition: Introduction & Issue”

5:00pm-5:59 pm ET: Design, Structure, and Outcomes (Pre-Recorded)

Raquel Ponte, Clarissa Maia Porto Cosenza, Amanda Neves de Oliveira“The Importance of the Concept of Habitus in the Design Field”
Thomas Gray“Organizational Charting for Member Control in Cooperative: Toward an Assessment Tool”
Jennifer Schlosser“Using Critical, Reflexive Methodologies to Understand the Organizational Identities of Prisons”
Ennea Fairchild, Harmony Newman, Julie Sexton“Feminism Stalled? Improving Methodological Strategies for Identifying Sexism in Geology”

6:00pm-6:59 pm ET: Workshop (LIVE)

Stephen Steele“Getting a Job with Sociology by Taking SALT – Skills, Articulation, Language and Trends: Reinvention”

7:00pm-7:59 pm ET: Creative Pedagogy and Building Community (Pre-recorded)

Kathy Stolley, Jeff Toussaint“Using Escape Rooms to Teach Transferable Skills”
Sherrie Steiner“Measuring Community Engagement Impact”
Shelley Grant, Laura Atkins, Diana Cleveland“Amplifying Impacts of Service-Learning Mentoring”
Mandi Barringer, Caroline Howard, Allison Parker, Shira Diamond“Scaling the Stonewall: Program Evaluation of the UNF Gender Inclusive Housing Community”

8:00pm-8:59 pm ET: Virtual Happy Hour (All AACS Members Welcome!)

Day 2 Tuesday, October 6

12:00-12:59 pm ET: Crisis, Resistance, and Resilience (LIVE)

Adeela Rehman“Social Detachment Owed by Physical Distancing During COVID-19 Pandemic: Global Perspective”
Aradhana Ramnund-Mansingh, Mariam Seedat Khan“COVID-19 Deepens the Wedge of Privilege in Higher Education in South Africa”
Eric Lichten“Surviving Societal Crisis: Finding Meaning”
Bridget Maloney“Assessing Climate Vulnerability and Resilience in Florida”

1:00-1:59 pm ET: Education, Training and Workforce Development (LIVE)

Presenter Title
Cathleen Applet, Zachary Weland, Nicole Marshall“Applied Sociological Research Mentoring of Advanced Undergraduate Students: Leveraging the Classroom as a Site for Applied Research”
Muhammad Haque, Morgan Preston, Cristo Perez Ross, Saydee Meaux“Socio-Infrastructural Transformation, Emergence of Millennials and Pedagogical Implications”
Colin Suchland, Suzanne Carbonaro“High Impact Practices and Student Self-Efficacy in the Sociology Classroom”
Lubomir Popov“The Pattern Language Approach to Research Utilization”

2:00-2:59 pm ET: Feminism and Intersectionality (Pre-recorded)

Pamela Holiday, Jamie Cormani-Denney, Alena Walker, Luke Knudsen“How Intersectionality, Lack of Diversity and Inclusion Affects Outdoor Recreation Use: An Examination of Outdoor Leadership Academy (OLA) and Underrepresented Social Groups”
MacKenzie Davis

“Differing Benefits of Outdoor Recreation for Underrepresented Youth”
Luther Knudsen“Intersectionality and Outdoor Leadership Programs”
Jamie Cormani-Denney“Social, Emotional, and Intellectual Benefits of Outdoor Recreation”
Alena Walker “Discrimination and Sexual Orientation Issues in Outdoor Recreation Programs”

3:00-3:59 pm ET: Mentor Program (LIVE)

Mentors: Joel Carr, Stephen Steele, James Frazier
Mentees: Becky Johnson
“The AACS Mentor Program: A Discussion from Participants”

4:00-4:59 pm ET: Skills Building Event (Pre-recorded)

Coordinator: Sara Cumming
Presenters: TBD
“Three Minute Thesis”

5:00-5:59 pm ET: Skills Building Event (Pre-recorded)

Coordinator: Sara Cumming
Presenters: TBD
“Three Minute Thesis”

6:00-6:59 pm ET: Certification Demonstration (LIVE)

Applicant: Justin Huft
Committee: Joel Carr, Gary David, Debbie Phelps
Integrating Clinical Sociology into Mental Health Treatment Center Work

7:00-7:59 pm ET: AKD Session (LIVE)

Michele L. Kozimor, Barbara Prince“A Little Bird Told Me: Using Twitter to Increase Student Engagement”

8:00-8:59 pm ET: Sociology in Action and Developments in Education (Pre-recorded)

Stephanie Wilson“Applied Worldwide: Making Sociology Count Across the Globe”
Arthur Shostak“Veiled Advocacy Lessons Across 60 Years”
Danielle Docka-Filipek, Natalie Frampton, Jakira Silas“Cynics, Skeptics, Optimists, & Revisionists: Faculty Encounters with the Doing of Diversity in Higher Education”
Zahraa McDonald“Towards Defining a Process of Change in Sociology of Education: A Review of Literature”

Day 3 Wednesday, October 7

12:00-12:59 pm ET: Work and Society (LIVE)

Ahmad Alomosh“Perceptions of COVID-19 pandemic among Youths in the UAE Society”
Sehrish Haroon, Hina Fatima, Michael Hirsch“Parents’ Socioeconomic Status: Does it Matter in Winning Labor Market Success? A Survey Study of Minority Workforce in Pakistan”
David du Toit“The Practice of Outsourcing and Domestic Work in South Africa: A Discussion on Domestic Cleaning Firms from Clients’ Perspectives”
Eldra Hernandez Calcerrada, Maria Del C Reyes“Ethnocentrism and Intergroup Cooperation in Social Networks: A Case to Human Resources Management in Global Business”

1:00-1:59 pm ET: Diversification and Social Change in Higher Education (LIVE)

Presenter Title
Kendall Gilliam“A Content Analysis of University Website Images in the State of Texas”
Brahim Alhiani“Teaching Sociological Methods in Morocco: Experiences, Challenges and Perspectives”
Mueni Rudd“Re-envisioning FASD Informed: Applying Race Equity to Curriculum Development”

2:00-2:59 pm ET: Human Services and Systems (LIVE)

Stanley Capela“Applied Sociologist as a Problem Solver”
Christa Moore“Statewide Comparisons of Child Maltreatment Rates Relative to Bureaucratic Online System Entry Points: A Qualitative Content Analysis”
William Cabin“Painful Places: Medicare Fails Homebound Patients with Substance Abuse Disorders”
Deborah Griffith“The Talk: Life vs. Death A Community in Crisis”

3:00-3:59 pm ET: Inclusion in Community and Society (Pre-Recorded)

Abigail Nawrocki“LGBTQ+ Inclusive Resources Directory: A Sociological Community Intervention”
Michele Kimball, Jennifer Hurwitz“Food Insecurity Among Active Duty and Veteran Families”
Daniela Jauk, Andria Blackwood, Alec Boros“‘We are a creation just like these are creations and we deserve that chance.’ Gardening as Clinical Sociology for Women in Community Corrections”
Kimberly Lucas“Making Space: Space and the Experience of Work in Family Child Care”

4:00-4:59 pm ET: Tools and Technologies (LIVE)

Lubomir Popov “The Flow of Knowledge from Basic Science to Practice”
Janis Prince“New Tools: Adapting Qualitative Methods in the Smartphone Era”
Ross Koppel“A Covid-19 Reality: Conducting an Applied Sociological Practice via Entirely Digital and Distant Interactions with Clients, Colleagues, Research Assistants, Interns, and Dissemination Venues”
Michael Hirsch, Amy Allen, Tina Quartaroli“SWOTing in Pakistan: Examining the Efficacy of a Music Program at a Young Arts Institute”

5:00-5:59 pm ET: Modern Healthcare (Pre-recorded)

Lillian Platten“Anomalous Bereveament Patterns in Caregivers of Terminally Ill Cancer Patients in Underserved Communities: A Qualitative Look at What Causes Increased Distress in Initially Distressed Caregivers Post- Mortem”
Tiffani Elliott“An Examination of how Relationships between Consumers and Prescribers of Psychotropic Medication Affect Goals of Medication Discontinuation”
Melissa Fry“Factors that Shape the Role and Success of MAT in Long Term Recovery from Opioid Use Disorder”
Monica Radu“Using the Sociological Imagination as a Community Health Worker”

6:00-6:59 pm ET: CPSC Presentations (LIVE)

Curtis Smith, TBD“Client Problem Solving Competition: Team Presentations”

7:00-7:59 pm ET: CPSC Presentations (LIVE)

Curtis Smith, TBD“Client Problem Solving Competition: Team Presentations”

8:00-8:59 pm ET: Behavior, Emotions, and Therapy (Pre-recorded)

Jan Wegelin“A Psycho-Social Behavioural Interpretation of South Africans”
Carla Vaughn“‘You Shot Him Anyway!’ Navigating the Emotion Hierarchy”
Justin Huft“Utilizing Sociological Understandings of Identity To Enhance Narrative Therapy Approaches”

Day 4 Thursday, October 8

12:00-12:59 pm ET: Power and Society (LIVE)

Naser Ahmadi“The Political and Social Origins of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria”
Tina Uys, Ugljesa Radulovic“Whistleblowing and Civil Society Organisations: The Role of Clinical Sociology”
Ezra Temko“Power vs. Legitimacy: Normative Stakeholder Engagement for Policy Development and Administration”
Jeff Toussaint“Power of the Powerless: Integrative Power for Social Change”

1:00-1:59 pm ET: Violence, Trauma, and Justice Professionals (LIVE)

Presenter Title
Ethan Levine“Researchers, Educators, Advocates: Putting Sociology to Work in the Sexual Violence Field”
Moriah Johnson“Is it Because I’m Black or a Woman? Constructing an Intersectional and Trauma-Informed Model of Social Support”
Samantha Smothermon“Demographics and Public Police Satisfaction: An Analysis of Citizen-Initiated Police Encounters”
Kimberly Collica-Cox“When You Can’t “Have It All” at the Same Time: Women Corrections Executives and Work-Life Balance”

2:00-2:59 pm ET: Certification Demonstration (LIVE)

Applicant: Sharon Everhardt
Committee: Tina Uys, Mariam Seedat Khan, James Frazier
Prison Gardens: An Opportunity for Clinical Sociological Intervention

3:00-3:59 pm ET: Racial Inequities and Community Solutions (Pre-recorded)

Dan Morgan“Redefining Racism, Redirecting Solutions: A Guide for Racial People”
Kyle Nelson“‘It was all about work and this is a good place’: Discourse of Race, Work, and Inequality among Mexican-Origin Residents of Vail, Colorado”
Joshua Reichard“Engaging Religious Communities in Socioeconomic and Racial Justice through Sociological Situationism”
Lauryn Joiner“Suppressed Growth: An Analysis of an Understaffed and Racially Inadequate Police Department in Southern Illinois”

4:00-4:59 pm ET: Community, Research, and Practice (LIVE)

Sophie Nathenson “Building a Local Research Center: Sociology with a Purpose”
Julia Waity, Jennifer Vanderminden“Making the Link: A Model for Embedding Community-Based Research Across the Curriculum”
Stacy Bluth“Using Sociological Mindfulness to Move the Community-Engaged Classroom from Charity to Change”

5:00-5:59 pm ET: Keynote Speaker (LIVE)

Mark Toney, Ph.D. UC Berkeley, Executive Director of TURN–The Utility Reform Network.“Sociology is my Secret Superpower: A Lifetime of Applying Theory into Action to Build Social Movements”

6:00-6:59 pm ET: Certification Demonstration (LIVE)

Applicant: Sean Dunne
Committee: Jan Fritz, Roger Straus, Joel Carr
Sociology in Practice: Clinical Sociology and Community Development

7:00-7:59 pm ET: Judges Meeting

Organizer Title
Sara Cumming: Organizer Judges: TBDStudent Paper Competition Judges Meeting

8:00-8:59 pm ET: Judges Meeting

Sara Cumming: Organizer Judges: TBDStudent Paper Competition Judges Meeting

Day 5 Friday, Oct 9

12:00-12:59 pm ET: Fourth Annual Jay Weinstein Session on the Use of Theory in Applied and Clinical Sociology (LIVE)

Stephen Steele, Corey Dolgon, Melissa Fry, John Glass, and Roger Straus“Fourth Annual Jay Weinstein Session on the Use of Theory in Applied and Clinical Sociology”

1:00pm-1:59 pm ET: JASS Board Meeting

Editor: Bruce Friesen, JASS Board Members“Journal of Applied Social Science (JASS) Board Meeting”

2:00-2:59 pm ET: Presidential Address And Awards (LIVE)

Karen Albright and Presentation of Award WinnersPresidential Address (& Awards)

3:00-3:59 pm ET: Certification Demonstration (LIVE)

About Title
Applicant: Daniela Jauk
Committee: Linda Weber, Christa Moore, Melodye Lehnerer
Serenity in the Garden-Clinical Sociology: Fostering Social Justice for Incarcerated Women and Their Communities

4:00-4:59 pm ET: AKD Session (LIVE)

Michele L. Kozimor, Barbara Prince“Publishing in Teaching Sociology”

5:00-5:59 pm ET: Business Meeting and Competition Awards (LIVE)

Business Meeting and Student Competition AwardsBusiness Meeting and Student Competition Awards