3 Minute Thesis

The 3 Minute Thesis session is an opportunity for students to showcase their presentation and research skills in a short presentation format, followed by a feedback session with peers and other applied and clinical sociologists.

In this session, students will be given a 3-minute time limit to present their work to an audience in our in-person conference, under the assumption that the audience is not knowledgeable on their research prior. Using only 1 PowerPoint slide, presenters will convey their importance and content of their applied work to a virtual audience, while giving a holistic overview of the topic. Following the presentations, presenters will have the chance to meet with other presenters and sociologists who will offer feedback, networking, and more tips for success in a small group format.

Have an original or unique applied research project or thesis you want to share? Consider submitting your work to the 3 Minute Thesis session! Any questions, reach out to the AACS Student Committee Chair, Bruce Revelli and Alison Wisecup at: aacs.students@gmail.com