AACS Members’ Website

Thank you for your interest in AACS. New and returning members, please use this easy guide to get started and/or help you explore this member’s only guide

About the site

AACSMembers is a website exclusively for current AACS members and/or conference registrants.

Who can access the site?

The entire site is available for those who purchased an AACS 2021 registration -AND- annual/lifetime membership. AACS 2021 Conference content is for conference registrants only.

How can I gain access?

Once you click “submit” on the conference registration and membership forms, a new page will automatically pull up on your screen. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER. Follow the directions, and your registration to aacsmembers.net will be complete.

First timers to aacsmembers.net must enter a username (cannot be changed), first and last name, password, and email address

Returning to AACSmembers: you need to enter the username and password associated with the email you selected when you first signed up for a account memberpress account

I cannot login

Follow the steps HERE

I filled out an aacsmembers.net form last year? Why do I need to do it again?

Standard, student, organizational, and zone b/c memberships expire.

While your user profile (username and password) does not expire, you need to sign up for new memberships/conference access each year.

You confirm your access to specific content by entering your login info and selecting “sign up” when prompted.