Annual Membership Form

Read these instructions carefully: Please note that in order to complete your annual membership, you need to complete two forms: The payment form below AND the AACS Annual Membership Account Setup form that is available after payment. Once you click “submit” at the bottom of this form, DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER! DO NOT EXIT AND COMPLETE ANOTHER MEMBERSHIP FORM! This will result in a duplicate payment. If you accidentally exit after submitting your payment information, please email the webmaster at: You will be emailed a membership form. Once you complete the form below, you will be redirected to the AACS Annual Membership Account Setup page. Please follow those instructions carefully. Please note, that it takes a few hours for our system to process your transaction and post it on the paywall page on and 24 hours to be processed on Once completed, your receipt and membership information will be available for viewing on the paywall membership gateway on For questions and concerns about your membership, please contact the AACS webmaster at: