AACS Awards

The Lester F. Ward Distinguished Contribution to Applied and Clinical Sociology Award, presented to a person who has made a significant contribution to applied and clinical sociology over a period of ten or more years.

  • 2019 recipient: Joyce Ann Miller, Keystone Research Corporation

The Alex Boros Award for Contributions to the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, presented to an AACS member who has served AACS with distinction.

  • 2019 winner: Deborah Phelps, Fontbonne University

The Robert Ezra Park Award for Sociological Practice, presented to an outstanding sociologist who has made a special contribution demonstrating how sociological practice (applied or clinical) can advance and improve society.

  • 2019 Robert Ezra Park Award recipient: Michele Companion, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs

The Paul Wellstone Community Service Award, presented to a person or organization in the community where the Annual Meeting is held. The recipient of this award will have made significant and noteworthy applied sociological contributions in the community they serve. In some cases, it may be obvious how the award recipient’s work is sociological, in others not.  In nominating for this award, think of sociological work as broadly as necessary from the perspective of applied sociology so as not to unduly limit the field of applicable candidates.

  • 2019 recipient: Transition Projects of Portland, Oregon
    Stephanie Cabrera, Manager of Retention Services

The William Julius Wilson Award, presented to an individual or organization whose work has been demonstratively effective in breaking the cycle of poverty.

  • 2019 Winner: Marilyn Dyck, The Doorway

The AACS Client Problem Solving Award (Previously named Judith Little Student Problem-Solving), presented to the winning team of students and their advisor of the Client Problem Solving competition  as determined by the client and an adjudicating panel of applied/clinical sociologists.

The AACS Social Design Award, recognizes outstanding contributions for pragmatic, evidence-based, practice methodologies, and rational approaches to social change. The Social Design Award is a means for AACS to implement the major principles of the Association’s mission to advance sociological practice. For more information on AACS’s mission, please visit the AACS website at: https://www.aacsnet.net/mission/ More information regarding this award can be found HERE! 

  • 2019 Winner: Eskasoni Mental Health Services 
    Daphne Hutt-MacLeod, Director

Please submit your nomination for the AACS Lester F. Ward, Alex Boros, Robert E. Park and William J. Wilson Awards to Dr. Michael Fleischer at mikefleischer@cs.com, for review by AACS Awards Committee and the AACS Board.  Thank you for your nominations! Nominations are due August 1st.