Call for Nominations for 2020 AACS Awards

The Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS) invites nominations for 2020 AACS Awards: Lester F. Ward Distinguished Contribution to Applied and Clinical Sociology Award, presented to a person who has made a significant contribution to applied and clinical sociology over a period of ten or more years; Alex Boros Award for Contributions to the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, presented to an AACS member who has served AACS with distinction; Robert Ezra Park Award for Sociological Practice, presented to an outstanding sociologist who has made a special contribution demonstrating how sociological practice (applied or clinical) can advance and improve society; and William J. Wilson Award, presented to an individual or group whose work has been demonstrably effective in breaking the cycle of poverty. Nominators should consult candidates on their qualifications before they are nominated and submit a current candidate CV or resume, brief biography (100 words), and qualifications statement (150 words) along with any questions to Dr. Michael Fleischer, AACS Past President and Awards Chair, at

AACS also invites applications for the AACS Social Design Award, presented to an individual or organization for an implemented project with an outstanding social design methodology. Please consult the attached Social Design Award PDF for eligibility criteria, submission requirements, process, and timeline.  Applicants for the Social Design Award should submit proposals and questions to Dr. Lubomir Savov Popov, AACS Social Design Award Coordinator, at

Please visit the AACS Awards web page for descriptions of all AACS awards.