Call for Nominations

Do you have ideas about how AACS can innovate and provide value to its members across occupations and areas of specialization? As this year ends and you look toward the year ahead, please consider joining the AACS leadership team. We are looking for fresh energy and new ideas for using this dynamic network to connect members to quality professional development, communication, and collaboration opportunities.
We are recruiting candidates for a variety of roles (All terms run from October to October, beginning with post-annual conference Board Meeting and ending with pre-annual conference Board Meeting):

  1. AACS President: A three-year term that begins with a year as President-Elect (2022-2023), followed by one year as President (2023-2024), and a year as Immediate-Past-President (2024-2025).
  2. AACS Vice President: A two-year term that begins with a year as Vice President-Elect and Program Chair (2022-2023) followed by one year as Vice President (2023-2024).
  3. Treasurer: A two-year term.
  4. At-Large Board Member: A two-year term.

For more information on responsibilities, please refer to the AACS Bylaws:

Bylaws – Association for Applied and Clinical SociologyAACS Vision. The Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology (AACS) is a resource promoting integrative approaches and systems perspectives for analyzing complex problems and developing creative, practical

Please send nominations (self or others) to Melissa Fry ( by March 1.