Crafting Your Sociological Brand

This workshop will guide participants on how to craft a sociological brand. Participants will learn a variety of social media branding strategies that can be used, as well as approaches to individual and professional branding. The workshop also will discuss how to turn academic papers into broader-based content for different audiences. Finally, we will explore how to create your own personal brand as a sociologist, using the passion for your sociological imagination into a value proposition and key differentiator to different audiences.

Presented by Gary C. David, PhD

Certified Clinical Sociologist (CCS) Professor of Sociology, and Professor of Information Design and Corporate Communication Department of Sociology Bentley University Waltham, MA

About the presenter: Gary David conducts ethnographic research in a variety of setting, with research on: 1) integrated experience design; 2) examinations of implementation and use of technology, 2) collaborative communication, 3) organizational culture and change, and 4) assets-based innovation. He also has his own consultancy called ethno-analytics, which integrates big data in local contexts. Present projects include examining the nature of collaborative activity in multicultural worksites, the impact of speech recognition technology and electronic medical records on healthcare, the implementation of enterprise systems on workplaces, and how co-workers build a collaborative relationship through engaging in workplace practices. Additionally, he is involved in work applying conversation analysis and forensic linguistic to the examination of customer experience, police interrogations, and workplace interactions.

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