Daniela Jauk

  • Name/Certification Designation: Daniela Jauk, PhD; Certified Clinical Sociologist
  • Affiliation: The University of Akron
  • Contact information: djauk@uakron.edu
  • Level of specialization: Community 
  • Major content of sociological practice:  Daniela Jauk’s primary area of specialization as clinical sociologist is gender (in)equality on a community level. She is particularly interested centering the voices of criminal justice involved women and girls in order to enhance their agency and their access to social justice, as well as to increase possibilities for healthy lifestyles for themselves and their communities.  
  • Brief statement of your practice activities: Daniela Jauk initiated an educational horticultural program in a residential community corrections facility in a midsized Midwestern city. Together with community partners she designed and carried out a 12 weeks pilot garden program in 2019. She is now further developing and evaluating this program as external researcher.