Employment Outside of Academia: Job Preparation Strategies for Sociology Students

A. Olu Oyinlade

University of Nebraska

Are you a student that is getting ready for the labor market? Will you be looking for a non-teaching job? Have you been fully able to answer the question of what would you do with a sociology major that often stumps sociology majors and their parents? Do you know how to fully market your sociology degree? Have you been able to take inventory of the skills you have acquired through your sociology education? Do you know how to connect the sociological enterprise with organizational and employers’ interests? Are you currently able to articulate the sociological advantage for any job in cover letters, resumes, and interviews? If you are a student who will soon be joining the labor market outside of teaching jobs, and your answer to any of the above questions is “no”, you will benefit significantly from this workshop. All the above questions, and more,  will be answered in this workshop for the purpose of preparing sociology students for non-teaching professional careers. 

Attendants will be able to do the following:

  • Understand the connections between sociological knowledge and the labor-market
  • Translate sociological concepts into practical employment skills
  • Take stock of relevant practical sociological skills for non-teaching employment
  • Identify potential areas of employment for the sociology major
  • Know how to prepare resumes and portfolios that promote practical sociological skills for non-teaching employment
  • Know how to demonstrate and sell practical sociological skills to employers
  • Know how to prepare for job interviews and convince an employer about the sociological advantage in non-teaching organizational employment