James Frazier, M.A./Ed.S, CSOTP

  • Certification Designation: Certified Clinical Sociologist
  • Organizational Affiliation: Virginia Department of Corrections
  • Email: j.frazier@vadoc.virginia.gov
  • Level of Specialization: Organizational, large/small group, individual
  • Major content of Sociological Practice: Organizational development, Mental Health Counseling, Forensic Counseling
  • Description of Competency: I am a sex offender treatment provider, mental health professional, and instructor for the Virginia Department of Corrections. As a clinician, I specialize in the treatment and evaluation/assessment of individuals who have committed sex offenses. As an Academy instructor, I deliver trainings focusing on the provision of treatment services and supervision for sex offenders, transgender and LGBTI responsivity, suicide risk and response, and motivational strategies in counseling.