Joel L. Carr, Ph.D.

  • Certification Designation: Certified Clinical Sociologist
  • Organizational Affiliation: Angelo State University
  • Email:
  • Level of specialization: Individual and Organizational
  • Major content of Sociological practice: Social Psychology and Deviant Behavior/Criminology
  • Description of competency: Social psychology, as relevant to my work, includes a number of substantive areas such as, but not limited to attitudes and behavior, criminal behavior, deviance, formation of the self and identity, interpersonal behavior, juvenile delinquency, personality, personality and social structure, and socialization. The aforementioned substantive areas inform my academic, administrative, counseling, supervision, and organizational (e.g., performance measurement and improvement) work on a daily basis. Deviant behavior/criminological theory and research informs my work in correctional settings and other forensic programs when conducting outcome evaluations, performance measurement and improvement, and program development and implementation; as well as in counseling with individuals that have engaged in criminal behavior, delinquent behavior, social norm violation, and those who may have certain personality disorders.