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As of July 1, 2020, all original content offered by AACS is restricted to current members. This includes all professional development webinars and all virtual conference sessions and events. This content is a benefit of AACS membership and will be freely accessible to all members. However, individual professional development webinars may still be accessed by non members for a fee.

Here are the following membership options. Users have the choice to select either a full annual membership OR to pay for each session/workshop separately.

  • Full Annual Membership: Valid from July 2020-August 1, 2021. Membership includes full access to all recorded content and a subscription to JASS. Apply HERE
  • Pay-Per-Workshop (PPW): $40 for each workshop video. Valid for ONE workshop only! If you selected a PPW option, and want to apply for full membership, please email the AACS webmaster. A prorated rate and membership form will be emailed to you. Professional development webinars currently available for individual purchase are as follows (and more are coming soon!)
    • Crafting Your Sociological Brand
      • This workshop will guide participants on how to craft a sociological brand. Participants will learn a variety of social media branding strategies that can be used, as well as approaches to individual and professional branding. The workshop also will discuss how to turn academic papers into broader-based content for different audiences. Finally, we will explore how to create your own personal brand as a sociologist, using the passion for your sociological imagination into a value proposition and key differentiator to different audiences. The original presentation will be available Aug 6, 2020, 12pm EST. Find more information HERE
      • To purchase this video, fill-out the form, HERE
    • AACS Certification: Preparation, Process, and Practice:
      • This webinar is designed to help prepare attendees and potential certification applicants for the certification process to help ensure success. It is designed for students and professionals alike, offering practical guidance. Topics include, but are not limited to, why certification is important in professional practice, curriculum vitae development, writing your portfolio, procedural guidelines, the certification demonstration, and the process from start to finish. 
        • The original presentation will be delivered and available for synchronous viewing on August 17, 2020, 2 pm ET. Asynchronous viewing of the recording will be available afterward. 
        • More information HERE. To purchase this recorded workshop, use the form HERE.
    • Nuts and Bolts of Starting and Maintaining an Applied Business: This webinar will cover the basic decisions, approaches, and nuances of starting and surviving with your own business. While every endeavor is unique, this webinar will prepare you to understand what issues you need to consider in starting and maintaining a business and the effect of the decisions you make. The original presentation will be delivered and available for synchronous viewing on September 9, 2 pm ET. Asynchronous viewing of the recording will be available afterward. Find more information HERE!