Kenneth K. Ayouby, EdD, PhD

  • Certification Designation: Certified Sociological Practitioner
  • Organizational Affiliation: Saudi Aramco
  • Email:
  • Level of Specialization: Individual, group, organization
  • Major content of sociological practice: individual, group, and organization change through educational practices
  • Description of competency: I focus on individuals, groups/communities, and organizations, especially in educational and training organizations and settings. Utilizing understanding of behavior and organizational dynamics, I support individual and group performance change and adaptability, focusing on personal empowerment, change management, culture creation, and organizational transformation. Major areas of practice are intercultural mediation, student advising/personal counseling and support services at the organizational, group and personal levels. Specifically, at the individual level, I provide individual/group coaching, advising and counseling services, which include socio‐cultural advising, intercultural mediation and group integration, working as an educational counselor and student services adviser. At the group, community or organizational levels, I provide support as an intercultural liaison, clinical and consulting practitioner related to intercultural educational issues, which include cultural brokering and due process facilitation, as well as management.