Keynote Speaker

“Sociology is my Secret Superpower: A Lifetime of Applying Theory into Action to Build Social Movements”

By Mark Toney, Ph.D

5pm ET Thursday October 8, 2020. Presented by Mark Toney, Ph.D, Executive Director, The Utility Reform Network. As Executive Director of The Utility Reform Network (TURN) since 2007, Mark Toney aligns TURN’s legal, organizing, legislative and communication staff to fight for affordable, clean and safe energy and phone service for all California residents, with a special focus on low-income households, communities of color, immigrants, and rural communities. Website URL:

Mark currently serves on the boards of ACLU Northern California, Consumer Federation of California, National Whistleblower Center, and California Shakespeare Theatre. Prior to joining TURN, Mark served as Executive Director of the Center for Third World Organizing for four years, and for Direct Action for Rights & Equality for eight years.  He holds a B.A. from Brown University, a PhD in Sociology from University of California – Berkeley, and his leadership has been recognized as a Kellogg National Leadership Fellow, a National Science Foundation Fellow, and in Mother Jones’ Heroes for Hard Times.