Links and Resources


AACS offers a wide array of resources on accreditation, employment, teaching, and the AACS annual conferences.

Accreditation Resources

The Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology (CAPACS) seeks to develop, promote, and support quality sociological education and practice through the accreditation of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in applied sociology, clinical sociology, engaged public sociology, and sociological practice. It establishes standards for such programs, accredits programs that demonstrate that they meet these standards, and monitors accredited programs to ensure that they continue to meet the standards.  Find more information HERE!

Job Resources

AACS offers a selection of professional resources for academics, recent graduates entering the job market, and those applying sociological principals and practice beyond the traditional academic setting. Find more information HERE!

Teaching Resources

AACS offers resources for those using Sociology within the classroom. Syllabi templates, books on doing applied sociology, videos on Sociological concepts, as resources for those on the job market, AACS will help you develop the skills to effectively teach Sociology.  Find more information HERE!

Annual Meeting Resources

Detailed information about the 2020 AACS Virtual Conference  is available HERE!

Previous Conference Program

AACS presents previous years’ conference programs. We look forward to seeing you in October! Find more information HERE!

For Students

AACS offers resources for current students. These include: AACS paper competitions, travel compensation, and the presider program. Find more information HERE!


To view full-length versions of the AACS  APPLIED U webinars, please click on the link HERE!