Professional Development Certificate

What will you get out of the Professional Development Certificate?

The Professional Development Certificate provides student attendees at all stages of their career with an ongoing, engaging, and productive professionalization opportunity at our annual conference. The certificate also serves as a recognizable accomplishment that enhances students’ CVs/Resumes.

How does it work?

The certificate program offers four (4) core competencies: 1) Foundations of Disciplinary Knowledge, 2) Professionalism, 3) Career Exploration & Preparation, and 4) Leadership. These competencies were designed to capture sociology students’ areas of professional development in our discipline.

At each conference, participants choose one area of competency to address and are provided with a pre-approved list of workshops/sessions to choose from. Participants must fulfill a certain number of credit hours (Option A or B*) and collect session presiders’ signatures on a worksheet in order to be issued a certificate.

*Professional Development Certificate Options

Option A

  • Snapshot: 14 hours for 3 days of conference attendance. Participants would receive a certificate for a specific area of competency (Example: Leadership)
  • Day 1: Attend 2 workshops (assuming Pre-conference workshops are 2hrs each)
  • Day 2: Attend 4 sessions  (1hr and 15 mins each)
  • Day 3: Attend 4 sessions (1hr and 15 mins each)

 Option B

  • Snapshot: 14 hours for 2 days of conference attendance. Participants would receive the certificate for a specific area of competency.
  • Attend either a total of 11 sessions during 2 days; OR a 2 workshops and 8  sessions.

If you are interested please fill out the Student Application form by August 1, 2019.  Apply Here

  • Note: the student application form will need to be completed on or before this date for other student programs, but there may be later opportunities for participation in the professional development program.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Student Committee Coordinator Fanni Farago at