Member Profiles

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Swakshadip Sarkar, MSc

Using Sociology to Understand how Policies Impact Women and Queer People

Gina M. Finelli, PhD

Applied Sociology and Family Business Advising

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Janet Mancini Billson PhD

Using Sociology for International Development Consulting

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Abdulkarim Umar, MSc

Using Sociology to Address Environmental Hazards in the Community

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Karen Albright, PhD

Using Sociology in Health Services Research

Johanna P. Bishop, EdD, CPT

Making Communities Resistant to Human Trafficking with Sociology

Miriam Boeri, PhD

Using Sociology to Improve Services for People who use Drugs

Anthony F. Buono, PhD

Using Sociology to Drive Organizational Change

Andrew C Cohen, PhD

Using Sociology in Advertising and Brand Strategy

Sara J Cumming, PhD

Ameliorating Hardships for Marginalized Populations

Gary David, PhD

Using a Systems Approach to Generate Analytical Insights and Design Solutions

Professor Robert Dingwall

Using Sociology to Offer Strategic Advice and Qualitative Evaluations

James Frazier, LPC, STOTP, CCS

Using Sociology in Sex Offender Treatment Programs

Melissa Fry, PhD

Using Sociology to Bring University Tools and Resources to her Community

Lauren Gant, MA

Using Sociology to Improve Criminal Justice Systems

Jackie Henke, PhD

Identifying and Interpreting Patterns in Data for the Superior Court of California

Josh Packard, PhD and The Packard Group

Using Sociology to Guide Organizational Strategy and Management

Lorella Palazzo, PhD

Applying the Sociological Imagination to Improve Patient Outcomes 

Melissa Scardaville, PhD

Using Sociology in a Contract Research Firm