Profiles of Applied and Clinical Sociologists

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Karen Albright, PhD: Using Sociology in Health Services Research

Janet Mancini Billson, PhD: Using Sociology for International Development Consulting

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Johanna P. Bishop, EdD, CPT: Making Communities Resistant to Human Trafficking with Sociology

Miriam Boeri, PhD: Using Sociology to Improve Services for People who use Drugs

Anthony F. Buono, PhD: Using Sociology to Drive Organizational Change

Andrew C Cohen, PhD: Using Sociology in Advertising and Brand Strategy

Sara J Cumming, PhD: Ameliorating Hardships for Marginalized Populations

Gary David, PhD: Using a Systems Approach to Generate Analytical Insights and Design Solutions

Professor Robert Dingwall: Using Sociology to Offer Strategic Advice and Qualitative Evaluations

James Frazier, LPC, CSOTP, CCS: Using Sociology in Sex Offender Treatment Programs

Melissa S. Fry, PhD: Using Sociology to Bring University Tools and Resources to her Community

Lauren Gant, MA: Using Sociology to Improve Criminal Justice Systems

Jackie Henke, PhD: Identifying and Interpreting Patterns in Data for the Superior Court of California

Josh Packard, PhD and The Packard Group: Using Sociology to Guide Organizational Strategy and Management

Lorella Palazzo, PhD: Applying the Sociological Imagination to Improve Patient Outcomes 

Melissa Scardaville, PhD: Using Sociology in a Contract Research Firm