Sarah Brabant, Ph.D.

  • Certification Designation: Certified Sociological Practitioner
  • Other Professional Designations: Certified Family Life Educator; FT Fellow in Thanatology
  • Organizational Affiliation: University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Professor of Sociology Emerita
  • Email:
  • Level of Specialization: Community, organizational, small/large group, family, individual
  • Major content of Sociological Practice: Education
  • Description of Competency: I am first and foremost an educator. As such I use sociological concepts and theories to educate persons so that they can effect change in their own lives. I primarily focus on loss, i.e., persons who are facing death themselves or persons who have lost someone to death. I see individuals as well as groups and in the past presented workshops to up to 200 at a time. My book, Mending the Torn Fabric: For Those Who Grieve and Those Who want to Help Them uses the analogy of a torn fabric as a picture of what grief looks like in order to explore the steps necessary to be able to once more use the material. I was one of the founders of Healing House, a program for bereaved children and teens. At this time in my life (85 years) I focus on at‐risk, e.g., just out of prison. rehab, mental hospitals, children living in poverty, gay persons whose partner died.