SRCA Competition

What is the SRCA Competition?

 The SRCA competition is an engaging and unique way to showcase your applied/clinical, or public sociological work among peers. This competition aims to recognize a student and submission that displays both practice and application of applied sociology in a forum other than traditional academic articles.

What is an eligible submission?

Scholarship encompasses work that has created new knowledge, while research is work that is seeking knowledge. The key to this competition is that the work is displayed creatively. Creative activities can include a broader array of submissions that seek to display applied or clinical work in mediums other than traditional written works. This could include community reports, video essay, blog/vlog, art, etc.

What are the perks of entering the SRSA Competition?

In addition to improving your CV and presentation skills, each valid submission to eligible to win a set of valuable prizes!

Winning SRCA submissions will receive next year’s membership to AACS, a cash prize at the end of the conference and the opportunity to have their work showcased on the AACS website and/or on the Applied University youtube series, so enter today!

How do I submit?

Authors are encouraged to submit their original work under one of the three categories above, and if accepted, will be given the chance to present their project in a virtual session with each presentation lasting 5 minutes.

Any questions, reach out to the AACS Student Committee Chair, Sara Cumming at: