Student Opportunities

Annual Conference Opportunities

2022 Student Paper, Thesis, and Poster Submissions

Participate by submitting materials for the Student Paper Competition, Poster Competition, and Three Minute Thesis Competition for the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology.

Client-Problem Solving Competition

Are you interested in using your sociological knowledge & skills to help solve a real-world problem for a not-for-profit client? If yes, sign up with a team of your friends to compete in our Client Problem Solving Competition! A plaque naming the winning team will be sent to their school.

Student Paper Competitions (Undergraduate and Graduate)

A panel of judges will review all submissions/presentations, and the Top 3 papers in each category will receive a $100 prize, a $250 travel allowance to attend the conference in person, waived conference fees, and a free annual membership to the AACS. The Top Paper in each category will also receive and mentorship to help get a paper published in the Journal and Applied Social Science.

Student Poster Competition

The poster competition is ideal for undergraduate or graduate students looking to share their applied, clinical, or public sociology-related research projects with a diverse community of sociology professionals. This is an opportunity to have dynamic and engaging conversations about your past or current sociological investigations and discoveries. The Top 3 posters will receive a $100 prize.

3-Minute Thesis Competition

The 3 Minute Thesis is an opportunity for students to showcase their research in a short, recorded presentation. These presentations can be captured using PowerPoint, Zoom or any other formats (e.g., MP4, MOV, etc.). Students have 3 Minutes to present their research in a manner that captures the essence of Applied/Clinical Sociology and outlines how/why the research/topic matters. Do you have an original or unique applied or clinical research project that you want to share? The Top 3 videos will receive a $100 prize.

Professional Development Certificate

Would you like to improve your Curriculum Vitae/ Resume while learning some valuable skills? Apply for our Professional Development Certificate and attend a minimum of 3 Professional Development workshops and 3 conference sessions that apply to your own professional interests.

Student Presider

Participate in the Annual Conference by becoming a student presider.

General AACS Opportunities


Join the AACS Mentorship Program. Mentors provide guidance related to graduate school preparation and applications; career development and practice opportunities; development of research interests, and more. Mentees learn practicing sociologists who are willing to share their experiences with others and provide any guidance sought by their mentee.

Join an AACS Committee

Provide a voice in our AACS leadership. We offer opportunities in student, professional development, membership, marketing, and elections.