Student Presider Program

What is it?

A GREAT experience for any student who desires to attend the conference. Student presiders will be in charge of assigned conference rooms and tasked with the following duties:

  1. Keeping track of session attendance through a sign-up sheet;
  2. Announcing the presenters;
  3. Timing the presenters to ensure all papers have an equal amount of time during the session;
  4. Facilitating a Q&A session following the presentations; and,
  5. Facilitating the use of the computer, projector, and other technology in the room, including assisting with resolving technical difficulties.

What are the benefits of serving as a Session Presider?

Among the many benefits of this student engagement initiative are:

  1. Students will be listed in program as presiders – this is a wonderful resume builder.
  2. Students will gain valuable professional development through conference participation.
  3. Students will receive subsidized conference rates as follows, depending on the number of conference blocks that the student will cover.
    1. 4 blocks (8 Sessions) = Full Conference Fee Waived
    2. 3 blocks (6 Sessions) = 75 percent discount
    3. 2 blocks (4 sessions) = 50 percent discount
    4. 1 block (2 sessions) = 25 percent discount.

How do I become a Session Presider?

Students interested in acting on this opportunity will submit an application through the student programs application form HERE. Questions should be directed to the conference program chair (AACS Vice President) at The conference program chair will consult with AACS Program and Student committees when making a final decision about presiders.

Interested students must fill out the student program application form by August 1, 2019.  APPLY HERE