Transforming Managers into Leaders: Adopting a Sociological Model for Leadership

A. Olu Oyinlade

University of Nebraska

Are you a manager or are you a leader? What makes you a manager? What makes you a leader? If you are a manager, who do you manage? If you are a leader, who do you lead? Are you a member of a management team or a leadership team? How do you know which one you are, a manager, a leader or both? This workshop will answer these questions and more. It will also present a sociologically-based model for the transformation of managers into leaders. Current and aspiring managers, job trainers, and educators who are interested in practical knowledge for transforming management into leadership will gain much knowledge in this informative and thought-provoking workshop. Workshop participants will be highly encouraged to participate in an open free-flow exchange of ideas.   

Attendants will be able to do the following:

  • distinguish management from leadership in very practical ways
  • distinguish management and leadership characteristics
  • understand overlapping areas of both management and leadership
  • gain sociologically-based knowledge of practical skills necessary for managers to become leaders