2019 Professional Development Workshops

AACS Board Member, Dr. Miriam Boeri, conducted a workshop on “Sharing Your Expertise: Media & Op-Ed Training” for participants who are looking to join a national network of scholars connecting to the media, building relationships with members of the media, and/or learning how write op-eds that get published. The workshop is great for all scholars, whether they have worked in media, written op-ed pieces, or are just starting to think about public engagement.


Dr. Lorella Palazzo conducted a workshop on “Program Evaluation 101” that will involve skill building for effective evaluation which is critical to improving private and public programs and is increasingly demanded by program stakeholders. This workshop will provide participant with knowledge, skills, and practices they can use to conduct their own evaluations for program improvement and advocacy.


AACS President, Dr. Karen Albright, conducted a workshop on “Grantsmanship for Qualitative and Mixed Methods Proposals” that orients participants to the steps involved in grantsmanship and translates the merits and purpose of qualitative data to public and private agencies (e.g., the National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Justice, and the National Science Foundation).  Also covered are elements of research design and methods and the pros and cons of different qualitative data collection techniques that can be included in proposals. Other topics include qualitative budget and grant review considerations. Examples of funded proposals that include qualitative methods will be presented.


AACS Past President, Dr. Gary David, conducted a workshop on “Crafting Your Sociological Brand” that will provide workshop participants with a variety of social media branding strategies and approaches for individual and professional branding. The workshop will discuss how participants can turn their academic papers into broader-based content for distribution to targeted audiences, and explore how they can create their personal brand as sociologists, using the passion of the “sociological imagination” as a value proposition and key differentiator to different audiences.


AACS Keynote Speaker, Dr. Janet Mancini Billson, conducted a workshop on “Systematic Focus Groups for Academic and Policy Research: An Introduction.” This interactive workshop will help participants identify the uses of systematic focus group discussions as an important qualitative research tool in research, monitoring and evaluation, and policy analysis. Following an in-depth exploration of group facilitation theory, participants will use their new knowledge to moderate a mock focus group with feedback from the workshop leader and other participants. Discussion of how to approach focus group data analysis rounds out the session.


AACS President and CAPCS Chair, Dr. Michael Fleischer, conducted the “2019 CAPACS Accreditation Review Committee (ARC) and Site Visit Team (SVT) Training Workshop” for new Commissioners who will be joining the CAPACS Board of Directors; current Commissioners as a “refresher” course; and members of AACS and other professional sociologists who are interested in participating in CAPACS accreditation reviews and site visits for evaluating higher education programs in applied, clinical, and engaged public sociology, and sociological practice. Participants who complete the workshop will learn the skills for serving as “accreditors” and “site visitors” on Commission accreditation review committees, and will be eligible to join the CAPACS Board.