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James D LeeI use AACS to connect with other professionals who apply their specialized knowledge and skills to improve our world. I get ideas for my own work, and I am personally reinvigorated by the support that I receive. AACS is the most personable group of highly talented persons that I’ve known since leaving my friends from graduate school.

James D Lee

Dr.AnthonyTroyAdamsI became a sociologist because of my curiosity and fascination for understanding school violence in this country and my desire to want to protect children. I met individuals in AACS who were of like mind and shared the passion for helping young people. AACS became a platform for sharing ideas, challenging assumptions and proposing solutions. In the process, I have developed life-long and lasting personal and professional friendships. I look forward to our annual conference, friendly exchanges throughout the year, and the comfort of knowing that AACS is committed to social justice and peace throughout the world.  AACS is the only national organization of applied sociologists and practitioners. Become a member of an ‘involved’ group of sociologists, practitioners, scholars and mentors.


“The worker must work for the glory of his handiwork, not simply for pay; the thinker must think for truth, not for fame.”
― W.E.B Du Bois

Anthony Troy Adams Phd.

Each year the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology hosts the “Client Problem-Solving Competition” (CPSC) at its annual conference. Students participate in this competition to solve a problem presented by a local organization. Past participating organizations confirmed that the student solutions helped their work.For example, the director of the Montgomery Area Council on Aging wrote:
“We did utilize some of the suggestions from the groups.  We have updated our facebook and web page to appeal to the younger generation. We have been somewhat successful in coordinating with the college campuses here. Being selected for the Client Problem-Solving Competition was a blessing to MACOA and we will be forever grateful.” The director of the EDCD-African Community Center in Denver wrote:
“The Housing Ambassador’s program will use [CPSC solution] “train the trainer” model to help refugees learn how to ensure their homes remain clean, free of pests, etc., and thereby ensure we have ongoing, long-lasting landlord relationships.”

Past CPSC Participants Remark

Gary DavidGary David, PhD
AACS President-elect
If we don’t seek to apply what we know about society, then of what use is this knowledge? Being an applied sociologist provides me with the opportunity to help others, including marginalized peoples seeking justice, non-profit organizations trying to deliver needed services, as well as companies and business looking to make a better workplace. The AACS provides research, networking, and professional development opportunities for those who want to effect positive change. Being in the AACS allows me to share these experiences and learn from others, all the while making friends who have the same vision and shared identity.

Gary David PhD