Certified Sociological Practitioners

Directory of Certified Sociological Practitioners

Future Age Consulting Inc.
Tina A. Quartaroli, PH.D., CPG

Program evaluation, organizational/community development, research design and project management, organizational/community gerontological consulting and educational programming.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Professor of Sociology Emerita
Sarah Brabant

I am first and foremost an educator. As such I use sociological concepts and theories to educate persons so that they can effect change in their own lives. I primarily focus on loss, i.e., persons who are facing death themselves or persons who have lost someone to death. I see individuals as well as groups and in the past presented workshops to up to 200 at a time. My book, Mending the Torn Fabric: For Those Who Grieve and Those Who want to Help Them uses the analogy of a torn fabric as a picture of what grief looks like in order to explore the steps necessary to be able to once more use the material. I was one of the founders of Healing House, a program for bereaved children and teens. At this time in my life (85 years) I focus on at‐risk, e.g., just out of prison. rehab, mental hospitals, children living in poverty, gay persons whose partner died.

Commission on the Accreditation of Programs in Applied and Clinical Sociology (CAPACS)
Michael S. Fleischer, PH.D

Organizational Dynamics specializes in change management, culture creation, and organizational transformation in healthcare/behavioral healthcare and social service fields. Client projects include Structural Accountability; Values, Vision, and Employee Engagement; Corporate Divestitures; and Balanced Scorecards. Practice methods utilize interviews, surveys, and participant observations. Theoretical foundations draw on symbolic interactionism, structural‐functionalism, occupational and administrative principles of organization, and bureaucratic‐professional conflicts.

South Dakota State University Sociology and Rural Studies Departments
MaryJo Benton Lee, Ph.D.

My areas of specialization are race, ethnicity and education. For most of my career I have been the coordinator of a nationally recognized program helping American Indian students prepare for and succeed in college. During the past year, as a Fulbright U.S. scholar to China, I have been teaching at Yunnan University and doing research for my third book, which deals with ethnic minority teachers and social change.

Institute for High Performance Planning (IHPP), Member of the Board of Directors; Bowling Green University, School of Family and Consumer Sciences

Lubomir Popov, PH.D

Facilities planning with emphasis on user needs and activities planning

Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology Stellenbosch University South Africa
Professor Lindy Heinecken

Prof Heinecken’s research focuses on the relationship between the armed forces and society. This includes a range of issues that affect civil‐military relations and the functioning of the military, specifically in relation to the South African armed forces. Her research aims to inform policy makers and military practitioners on issues of strategic importance. This has included submissions, briefings and presentations on issues on amongst other topics such as military unionism, gender integration, reintegration of military veterans back into society and the effect of HIV/AIDS in the military.

Saudi Aramco
Kenneth K. Ayouby, EDD, Ph.D.

Major areas of practice are intercultural mediation, student advising/personal counseling and support services at the organizational, group and personal levels. Specifically, at the individual level, I provide individual/group coaching, advising and counseling services, which include socio‐cultural advising, intercultural mediation and group integration, working as an educational counselor and student services adviser

The Development Office
Joan Hiller, PH.D.

Joan Hiller works with state agencies, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations focusing on effective and efficient use of resources, fund raising, program evaluation.

Hastings College (Retired)
James H. Weist

Youth substance use, community development, law enforcement community relations, organizational development, evaluation of community health programs.

Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health, Indianapolis
Dennis P. Watson, PH.D.

Program evaluation and consulting

Frontbonne University
Deborah Phelps, PH.D.

Certified as a clinical sociologist with SPA in 1995 (CCS). Later designated as CSP. Qualified to do sociotherapy, particularly those with anxiety disorders or children of alcoholics. Not practicing. Work full‐time as an academic.

Oakland University, Forensic Criminology Associates at www.forensiccriminology.com
Daniel B. Kennedy, Ph.D.

Specialize in crime foreseeability, standards of care for security, police and corrections practitioners, use of force, correctional suicide prevention, conditions of confinement, PREA.