Benefits of AACS Membership


  • Full access to all live and recorded virtual conference activities
  • Access to our fully array of professional development videos
  • Subscription to the Journal of Applied Social Science, the official peer-reviewed journal of the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology
  • Participation in organizational elections
  • Memberships last an entire year, starting from August 1-July 31

Marketing and Membership

Builds the AACS brand and image and promotes the Association year round. Advertises the annual conference. Develops and recommends a comprehensive marketing program for enhancing the public profile and recognition of the Association and works to implement the strategy. Collaborates with several other committees that provide strategic directions and content.

Develops and proposes strategies to recruit, engage, and retain members. Implements recruitment strategies to reach young sociologists, professional sociologists working in diverse settings, and academics doing applied and clinical sociology. Works in collaboration with other Board committees to engage members in ways that build professional community and increases the benefits of membership.

Student Engagement

Engages undergraduate and graduate students interested in Applied and Clinical Sociology. Creates and enhances student orientated programs, responds to student needs and feedback, and presents students with opportunities to broaden their understanding of applied and clinical sociology outside academic institutions.

Professional Development

Provides resources to enhance the knowledge, skills, and employment opportunities of the membership. Resources include, but are not limited to, mentorship, workshops, videos, pedagogy, syllabi, and materials and links to information that furthers the membership’s professional toolkit.