Welcome to the Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology

Using Sociology to promote beneficial social change

We are social scientists dedicated to the utilization of sociological methods, concepts, and theories to effect beneficial social change. Our mission is to advance sociological application and practice both within and beyond academia. We believe that sociology should not be limited only to observation, documentation, and analysis, but that it must also be translated, applied and, whenever possible, used to design, implement, and evaluate interventions meant to improve outcomes and solve challenges.

Our organization offers particular benefit for two primary groups:

1: Students who are interested in learning how to translate their sociological skillsets into real world applications (e.g. nonacademic opportunities)

2: Sociological practitioners both academic and nonacademic who are interested in professional development and in strengthening their sociological skillsets 

To address the needs and interests of these two groups, we offer a variety of benefits to membership. These include mentorship and networking opportunities, skills development webinars, student competitions, and professional certification. We held a virtual conference in 2020. All current members can view conference-related content HERE.

We invite you to join us in our mission, through membership in our association and/or by participating in our annual meeting. We welcome all social and behavioral scientists and business, industry, non-profit, and government professionals.