Mentorship Program

Mentor Program

The AACS Mentorship Program is designed to connect students, new applied and clinical sociologists, and new sociology faculty with an experienced applied or clinical sociologist who serves as a mentor. Mentors provide guidance related to graduate school preparation and applications; career development and practice opportunities; development of research interests, and more.


This may vary depending on mentee needs and mentor availability. Generally, mentors and mentees will maintain communication as necessary in whatever way is best for them. However, mentors and mentees are expected to maintain contact at least once a month (typically via email). The AACS Mentorship Program Coordinator will check in from time-to-time with mentorship pairs.

Matching Process

Mentors and mentees are matched based on a number of indicators. When mentees apply, they will have the opportunity to indicate what is most important to them in a mentor (e.g. practice area, research interests, personal background, geographic location, etc.). Then, when there is a good mentor match, the AACS Mentorship Program Coordinator will connect the potential mentee and mentor by exchanging contact information. The amount of time it takes to be matched depends on number of available mentors/mentees, but most mentees will receive a mentor within a few weeks of application acceptance.

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