About the Conference

AACS represents the top academic, professional, and student applied and clinical sociologists. As an organization, we want our work to promote positive social change, or to help systems function as well as possible in their current forms.  So how do we start making a difference?

Traditionally, AACS members have congregated once a year to share their applied and clinical work. This year, we will be holding a virtual conference! Learn more HERE! 

You can share your research, policy work, teaching, activism, clinical experience, or other applications that are helping sociology to make a difference in the world and, hopefully, to be recognized for it. You are welcome to submit completed papers as well as works in progress, workshops, and panel discussions, all standard fare at conferences. But what we really want is for you think creatively about how to engage an audience, imagining yourself and your audience as participants in:

  • clinical practice
  • a policy-oriented think tank
  • a board of directors meeting
  • business or client relationships
  • negotiation of a research or evaluation study
  • an advisory role for a foundation, government agency, or non-profit
  • crafting a practice-oriented sociology department
  • data-based organizational decision-making
  • institutional research

Also, consider your co-presenters in creative ways. How about including service providers and practitioners, grant funding agency representatives, organizational clients in clinical relationships, board members, federal, state and local political officials? How about a mock accreditation panel with sociology department staff? How about a mock clinical negotiation or a negotiation with a granting agency about its funding priorities?

The AACS 2020 Virtual Conference has concluded. See you next year! 

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